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Release Notes

Version 1.25

– Moved ad to display on Send It button click on Find page (before Processing page loads)
– Removed ad click requirement and set timer instead
– Added function to store Track and Artist field data from Find page so they can be prepopulated with previous search if Processing screen is exited
– Added pop-up to Download page to remind to keep app open until download completion for MP3/FLAC, so that file moves to chosen download folder (due to new SAF requirements from Android 10+)

Version 1.24
– Updated app build to SDK30 to support latest Android versions
– Updated app build to Java 1.8 and D8 dexer
– Upgraded FLAC download source and logic to higher quality
– Upgraded MP4 download source and logic to higher quality
– Added Settings button to main page
– Updated About LimeMP3 link below main button to reflect new Settings button
– Added download type descriptions on Find page
– Added MP4 select toast on Find page to notify of static download location to ‘/Downloads’ folder
– Added MP4 download location dialog to Choose Folder button on Settings page
– Added Back button and keypress action to Processing page to allow user to cancel the current search and go back to the Find page
– Added advertisement logic to app
– Updated Processing page progress icon and status text
– Updated language on About LimeMP3 page, Settings page and Crash Report page
– Enhanced Update Check logic to be able to natively force (or not) updates without having to disable old version(s) of the app
– Optimised Update Check logic to speed up app start-up and initialization
– Optimised Download page animations and logic
– Updated Download page layout/design and animations/status updates
– Added internet connection check to multiple pages to prevent blank webviews from loading/erroring
– Added secret feature so user can copy device ID to clipboard, to provide to dev team for certain troubleshooting
Version 1.23
Bug fixes

– Updated Release Notes page to point to new dedicated (website) page, to fix auto-scroll issue on old setup that pointed to Release Notes anchor on main website page

Version 1.22

– Updated download logic so the file name will auto-capitalize, instead of setting file name as all uppercase

Version 1.21

– Updated Telegram link on About page to point to a dedicated website page with current Telegram invite link displayed, in the case the invite link changes

Version 1.20

– Updated dialog language
– Added Telegram channel link to About page and removed website link

Bug fixes

– Fixed text input styling inconsistency on Debug/Crash Report page

Version 1.19

– Completed the final stage of the updated UI release, including toasts that were missing the update, and fresh updates for the Download, About and Settings pages

Bug fixes

– Fixed a bug on the Crash Report/Debug page where the app would close when the ‘enter text’ warning dialog was closed

Version 1.18

– Completed stage one of the updated UI including a rounded corner theme, custom toasts, custom dialogs, reverted fonts, updated pages and more

– Updated download logic to automate the first failed download retry attempt

– Added a stay awake feature for the screen on the Processing and Download pages

– Removed one of the Stats shown on the Settings page

Version 1.17
Bug fixes

– Updated MP4 download logic to fix videos sometimes failing to initiate a download

Version 1.16

– Added MP4 (video) functionality to the app so that you can download your favourite music video bangers in HD

– Updated the download type switch on Find page to be a checkbox selection

– Added a crash reporter function to the entire app which will take users to a dedicated Debug page, where a crash report can be submitted and/or the error log can be viewed

– Added new font to certain text on multiple pages

– Updated Stats area to include MP3/FLAC/MP4 download count, as well as failed download count

– Added in MP3/FLAC/MP4 tag to Processing and Download pages, depending on what download option is chosen

Bug fixes

– Fixed bug where app would crash if current download was cancelled via the Android status bar notification button/link, which now redirects the user back to the Main/Home page on download cancellation

– Fixed bug where downloads were intermittently crashing the app on the Download page upon completion

– Removed app version footer from all pages except Main/Home page to allow for other pages to fit non-scrollable content on smaller screened devices

Version 1.15

– Added FLAC support for downloads, including a Retry function
– Added MP3/FLAC toggle switch on Find page, and moved Download Location content box to the bottom of the page
– Added FLAC content box to About page
– Small spacing/size updates
– Small language updates

Version 1.14

– Improved the download process for app updates, so that the automatic or manual update dialog downloads the update file directly via the devices default web browser
– Added a Stats section to the Settings page, to show successful and failed download counts, with more additions to come
– Improved the Retry Download logic (when a download fails to initialise), so that it first retries the exact same download on the Download page, and if it fails once more then it will take the user back to the Find page to start the process from the beginning
– Small updates to language used across entire app

Version 1.13
– Added preloader for all webviews (Release Notes, Download Automatag and Send Feedback)
– Automated app version check/variable on Home/Main page create event which is used in multiple page footers
Bug fixes
– Updated Home/Main page animated logo as old one had display issues
– Fixed some animation timing issues on Home/Main page
– Set Home/Main links (Find a Banger and About / Settings) to invisible on app create event (in addition to current 0 alpha) so that they can’t be tapped before loading processes and animations are complete
Version 1.12
– Added a View Release Notes option back in, now found on the Settings page under the manual Check for Updates button
– Altered the green header area on some utility pages and included a back button for simplified navigation if the physical back button/gesture can’t be/isn’t used
Bug fixes
– Combined the Home/Main page logo and animated background into a single asset as on different resolution screens they were sometimes not sized correctly
– Removed the How To Use The App section from the About page as on smaller screens not all content could fit in view without an unwanted scroll option
Version 1.11
– Added the option to ignore an update on app start (as we now have a manual update check in Settings, as well as a forced update check on app start)
– Added a Feedback page and associated form, accessible from the About page
– Removed the Download Folder box on the About page to reduce noise, as it is shown on the Find page as well as the Settings page (where it can be set)
– Reduced header font sizing on About page to allow for more usable space for future updates
– Tidied up success animation on Download page so that it is reversed and looping
– Optimised animation assets to reduce app package size
Bug fixes

– Added padding to header Back/Settings buttons so that they can be tapped more easily

– Fixed logic and permission timing on Main/Home page to fix loading and animation bug when app was installed and requested file/storage access on first run

Version 1.10

– Updated Download code to set the downloaded file’s filename to the Artist and Track entered during the Find process, e.g. Artist – Track.mp3

– Added a secret Debug Mode that can be toggled on to reveal processes on resource pages to aid in debugging

– Updated Main/Home page design with logo animation

– Adjusted Main/Home page logic timing, and removed option to cancel an update if the app is out of date

– Updated Find page layout/design

– Updated About page layout/design

– Added new Settings page for dedicated settings, and an additional Folder Picker page to choose the download folder location (off the Settings page)

– Added manual Check for Updates option on the Settings page

– Updated Download page with new animation

– Added check and alert for Internet connectivity status on app launch

Bug fixes

– Fixed About page issue where the LimeMP3 website link opened the last Webview if the download Automatag or view changelog links/pages were opened previously, instead of opening in the default web browser

– Fixed data log bug where if the version number had a trailing zero (e.g. v1.10) the trailing zero would be removed in the log database

– Fixed issue where WebView audio would play in the background on resource pages, so that it now mutes the device media playback volume to minimize disturbance

Version 1.9
Bug fixes

– Fixed bug where some logic timing meant that a download would time out before starting if the resource pages weren’t allowed enough time to load (on slower connections)

Version 1.8

– Added a feature to capture and alert if a download fails to start, to then take the user back to the Find page (to retry)

Version 1.7

– Added download progress bar to Download page

– Adjusted spacing on Download page

Version 1.6

– Added ability for users to set their own download location for new tracks

– Added new Settings page to update Download Folder (and future settings)

– Updated the About page, also includes links to the new Settings page

– Updated Download AutomaTag and Changelog page layouts

– Added back button, page title and Settings shortcut to multiple pages in the header area

– Renamed main button on Main/home page

– Added track search details to Download page

Version 1.5

– Updated the How To Use page (and renamed to About LimeMP3)

– Updated the Download page with progress bar

Bug fixes

– Resolved song identification bug that stopped the identification process from finishing successfully, which in turn stopped the download from being able to start

Version 1.4

– New Download page interface and animations with fixed messaging instead of toast messages/pop-ups

– Updated the How To Use page

Version 1.3
Bug fixes

– Fixed download issue where sometimes the download wouldn’t automatically start

Version 1.2

– Updated spacing on Process page

– Updated spacing, layout and buttons on Download page

Bug fixes

– Fixed text on How To Use page

Version 1.1

– Completely automated the song identification process

– Completely automated the download process so that it runs automatically after the song has been identified

– Adjusted and simplified the How To Use page given the new automations

РAdded Changelog as a dedicated page within the app rather than a web browser link

– Added Retry button/link on Download page

Bug fixes

– Removed false positive for update check when database cell value is empty

– Tightened spacing for track details on Process page to ensure smaller screens can view all content above the fold

– Fixed spacing on Download page for smaller devices

– Adjusted timing of file storage permission prompt to earlier in the workflow so download process doesn’t break

Version 1.0

First release of LimeMP3. We hope you all enjoy it! Built with Sketchware, for educational purposes. Contact us for the Sketchware (swb) file and documentation on the functions and workflows used, to learn how to use Sketchware.